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Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday Mewz Transporting Kittiez and Purrz Plz

Hiya Internet Folks! Katie Kitty Too here, waiting on impawtant phone calls... but we don't want no more calls from Rachel at credit services... I don't know who scamming Rachel am but she furry annoying...trying to takes our moneys that we needs for foods and stuffs. She needs a good slappy fur disturbing my naps.  I iz 13 going on 14!!! I needs my beauty sleep. Andy wayz... I'm going to gets mom to fill my water bowl...

We haven't blogged since Black Cat Appreciation Day - Alot of Mewz to talks about.

Last month, mom gots contacted by Cat's Meow Transport Servicesto helps transport a kitty named Oreo to her furever mommy in Oklahoma!!

Picking up Oreo from Emporia
On August 26th, Uncle Mike and Mom picked up Oreo in Emporia from another transport driver and then met Oreo's
Oreo on the Move...
forever mommy in Oklahoma! 

Oreo's Mew Mommy on the right.
 After that Oreo's mew family drove home to OKC. 

 Then last week, Mom and Uncle Mike got asked again to help two ginger boy gets to Colorado for their week long stay en route to their mew homes: 

Arrived in Hays Kansas
Cornflake a young kitty who was rescued from a high kill shelter in Texas and going to a furever Mommy in Utah, and Jester a 15 year old singer... um kitty who loves to sing the song of hims people am going to Montana to be with hims Mommy's Mom.  But our cars were not working goods!! One car over heats and the good car we used to transport Oreo - the switch am broke and not recognizing the security key.  So Mom had to rent a car from Avis using our Sears card.  The trip was furry goods though and Jester and Cornflake gots to Hays in a 2016 Nissan Murada... comfy journey.

Once in Hays, Kansas - Uncle Mike and Mom carried Jester and Cornflake to a mew chauffeur. Jester and Cornflake arrived safely in Colorado and are staying fur a week long pawty fur heading back on the road next week.

We gots more to talks about - like how we found and gaves away two cages to a small furries and reptile rescue, and Mom found gravel to gives to LAPP, a local no kill shelter.

We talks about that next times...

We gots some fings to purr abouts --  

Here are some needs we gots plz purr and if you can helps, please paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot coms.
We haz been picking up metal, appliances and electronics fur scrapping but just nots enough to cover everything needed.

  • The Bonneville needs a new switch or bypass put in or cannot use the car.
  • There is another kitty going thru Wichita at the end of September, please purr that we are able to help transport or another driver is found - this Kitty am Bonnie and her am special needs.
  • Still have Mama Cat Baby Girl and kittens need to go to forever homes - we am hoping that pawsibly Cats Meow Group may helps - Baby Girl and kittens need spayed and nuetered.
  • The elderly lady that gave us Baby Girl still needs our help to find her blind black kitties and her other kitties a home. and dat needs moneys to get them fixed.
  • the outdoor kitty that Silvia feeds has disapeared and we need help to rescue her four month old kittens.
  • Silvia's Guero needs money fur see vet ASAP due to UTI - because of hims surgery needs money for another vet visit cause him gets UTIs really easily. 
  • Guero needs Vet ASAP
  • Silvia needs lots of purrs to find another place to live with her kitties asap. And to helps her with bills.

The motel now am getting lots of bads people cause the motel across the street am being demolished. Silvia has nots found helps from local helping places cause they don't helps folks in motels or you has to be a church member (Mom says thats not what the bible says about helping folks - dat believers helps widows and orphans. And Silvia am an orphan cause her family went to court last week to cut her off from them.)  

We needs extra funds saved up to help her gets another place.  Mom am bin asking other pets peoples if they have or know a goods place to rents. So far do not haz somewhere.

Thank you fur all your purrz and prayers and support 

If you can, please paypal any donation to

We will be starting a mew you caring... please stay tuned in fur dats in next post

Purrz from Katie Kitty Too and Katie the Mom
Katiez Furry Mewz
parts of LifeGate Kansas Enterprises.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Black Kitten Cats Appreciation Day

Hiya Folks, This am Benjamin Lil Bear, Tobias (aka Toby) and Angel (no dats not us inda photos... dats our cousins George and Fred ... or something)

To Celebrates Black Cat Appreciation Day!!!

To celebrates Our special Day, Mom am helping us share some of our furry favorite photos and then we am going to ask you a favor pretty please...  We are so furry Thankful to be beautiful and handsome black cats who has loves and furever homes!!
Tobias shows hims teefs

Furst up am Toby's favorite photo... Him was at the vet fur a check up and you can see how handsome him am and hims big teefs.
Angel likes Stella and Chewy's

Now Angel likes dis photo when her gotted to test mew foods from Chewy.....

and I likes boxes...
Benjamin Lil Bear likes boxes

Now we don't want to leaves our Tuxie sisters out... so Katie will host fave photos of her Bootsie and Molly in another post.

So we kins gets to the most impurrtant Black Kitties in da worlds KITTENS WHO  NEED HOMES!!!

Here are da foster kittens, Lovey (grey) Faith, Hope and Oliver the only boy...  Can you please share them in your blogs and social media places like Facebooks and stuffs?
Borned June 5th, They turned 11 weeks old on Monday and they are furry small for their age.
They lives in Wichita and you can finds outs about them on Mommy Mom's FB profile Kat-Renee Kittel.

Their Mama Baby Girl, aka Lady Grey needs a home too. 

One shy black kitty boy, two outgoing black kitty girls and sweet grey girl. Very smart, love to play. Litterbox trained. Still need first vaccinations. We always ask fur name of potential adopter, address, how many in family, vet reference and if any other pets. No declawing please. Asking for a re-homing donation.

Thanks so much.
Purrz from
Tobias, Angel
Benjamin Lil Bear

and all the Beautiful Black Cats who deserve furever homes.

This is a Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!!!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ninja Kittens In Training...

Mom Keeping an eye on her children...



The Girls Faith and Hope
Willow aka Lovey - look out behind you!!
Oliver, the "Innocent Culprit."

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday America!!

Annie (L) Doobie (R)

Now fur a nap before all the noisy booming starts!!

Have safe Holiday... please keep us cats and dogs indoors today.

Purrz from Annie, Doobie and all the Katz


Sunday, July 02, 2017

A few Ninja Kitten selfies

A few Ninja Kitten selfies in Training 
to makes your day happier....

Willow shows off her Stealth Mode Training....

Explore Unknown Territory with two or more...

Oliver learns to Sway Humans with Cuteness...

Their mother Baby Girl, aka Lady Grey is pleased with their progress.

Willow and Oliver have earned their mew names. Howsumever, the two black kitten girls are still waiting for their Ninja Code Names... Any suggestions would be most welcome!
Will show off the two girls next time...

We are joining Sunday Selfies!!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Itty Bitty Ninja Kitten Meeting

Hello Ninja Cat Members and Visitors, Joey the Space Cat here.

In honor of Summer's Cat World Domination Day Party yesfurday... (and World Domination Kitty Mewz)

At today's Ninja Cat meeting we introduces you to four mew Ninja Kittens and their Ninja Mom, Baby Girl.


Here am their furry first Selfie... they was borned on June 5. 

Their Mama, Baby Girl am just over a year old - borned in April 2016. Baby Girl and her mew ninja kittens are staying in bathroom fur now while they gets old enough to start their takeover training in few more weeks...

Katie Mom tooks kittens and mom fur vet checkup yesfurday to gets antibiotics fur kittens eyes. 

Baby Girl has Mysterious Fever, pawsibly caused by one of the following Ninja Cat Enemies: Zombie Dinosaurs, SPECTRE (Bond) or Chaos (Get Smart).

Dr. Johnson, a Ninja Cat Suppurrter, gave Katie Mom Clavamox, a good antidote fur Mysterious Fever.  Please keep these mew Ninja Kittens and their Ninja Mom in your purrz...

Also Auntie Silvia's Mama Kitty Narcisca has not been well, not eating right and having diarrhea... we sure could use more funds to takes her to vet and get her well too. 

To helps suppurt these Mew Ninja kittens, Mama Baby Girl and Narcsica, please paypal to laugh_safely at Yahoo dot com.

Now back to our secret Ninja cat meeting... who would likes to take secret code notes today?

 -Purrz from Joey, Nike Space Cat...

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Justin Memorial

Justin Boo Boo leaped to Heaven yesterday, June 9 at 1pm, Escorted by Flash the Hero Cat
and Puzzles' Spunky Bear (aka Boo Bear)

(photo mania supernova plus frame)

(lunapic editor)

Vet could not tell what was wrong. He had ulcers in his paws and lost weight.  Possibly auto immune disease... Yet he was eating. Too much on Justin's frail frame to run tests. He is home in heaven running free with Flash and our other babies there. I will always remember him as the little boy rolling around on the patio near his Mama. We will miss our fraidy boy who was rescued too late to bond well with people...

Psalm 36:6-7 "Oh Lord you save humankind and animals... how excellent is your unfailing love..." (paraphrase)

Thank you to those who sent money for his vet visit.
If anyone can spare some funds for Justin's urn - would be a wonderful blessing... (paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com using the gift to family and friends)

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Justin Boo Boo is furry sick

Can you help Justin?

Justin is almost 7 years old but his health is not good.
He has been eating but cannot gain weight... 
He is a scaredy cat and hides most of the time. 
That's why his people didn't know how skinny he was UNTIL NOW
Will be furry hard to take to vet - 
Just the past few days has let me touch him.
He won't let my brother get near.
Think I found good vet that can handle him - bless his heart.
Will be making an appointment... 
going to need blood work to find out what is wrong.
And he can't take sedation...
I am hoping it is thyroid and can be treated

Only have so much Care Credit. 
If you can help him see the vet.
We want to save him if we can...
Please paypal a laugh_safely at yahoo dot com. 

Thank you from Justin and the Katie Katz.
Will update you on how he is doing... -Katie.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Baby Mama and Her Kittens

Meet Little Flash 2

This Story Tells the Vital Importance of Preparing A Box
For Mama Cats Days Before They Give Birth!!

(and introducing it to them)
My mother's neighbor has a woman and her daughter renting the back bedroom and basement of her house. They have a very little kitty girl who had six kittens on Monday. A box wasn't prepared ahead of time for Mama and her babies. (Note: I had been in touch with the neighbor about the kitty but didn't give enough advice about having a box ready nor brought one over yet.)

Monday morning, when they found her giving birth in the litter box in the cold basement, they put her in a kennel without any blankets... poor little ones did not nurse immediately and after she gave birth to them all, Katie huddled in the opposite corner from her little ones, rejecting her babies.

My mother's neighbor called me, that Katie was rejecting her babies. By the time I arrived to help (I had to run to pet store to get formula and syringes), someone had finally placed mama and babies on a blanket in a shallow box. 

Sweet little Katie curled around her babies, trying to get them warm. Luckily she had eaten all but one of the placentas to gain back her strength.

Katie huddled around five of her kittens, yet one of the kittens was alone, wet from birth, cold and unresponsive. I picked up the lone kitten and fed him milk replacement with syringe, stimulated his tummy. Took lots of gentle rubbing with a towel before he finally made a sound and squirmed in my hand. I placed him with her other kittens. Yet they too were not very warm and I couldn't tell if all her mammary glands had milk... I checked the other kittens and gave the colder ones some milk by syringe and placed them back with mama. I also fed Katie milk from the syringe. She drank two half syringes full and then settled down with her babies.

Little Flash 2
I went across the street to my mother's home for a better box with high ends. When I returned, the babies were dry and warmer with fuller tummies.
I checked on the little one that I saved... he was doing well. Three boys and three girls. Three are smoky black and three are grey and white. One of the kitties has a "G" or a "C" shape on her back. And the little one I saved has a white mark on his back, just like Flash who went OTRB two weeks ago.

Please keep these little ones and their Mama in your purrz and prayers...

Katie will need help taking care of her six little ones. I may end up looking after mama and her babies very soon if they are all going to survive. This many babies - little Katie and her six children are going to need lots of nutrition and attention. 

 May 31 Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday Hop