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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Urgent Prayers For Gordo, Pearls Playdate and Bibi

UPDATE: Silvia's vet tested Gordo for anemia (white/red blood cells), liver and overall function. Will have paperwork Monday. Thyroid and Pancreas not done yet. Stopped by motel and checked Gordo myself to see how he is doing. He has lost weight, yet he is alert and his eyes are bright. He is getting some nutrition and liquid to stay down. His skin is way too loose. He should weigh more. Silvia's vet was rude saying that she worries too much probably just the flu - GORDO DOES NOT HAVE THE FLU!!! I am going to see if I can get him in to see my vet by Monday. (Motel owner is letting Silvia do some room cleaning at 10 dollars a day to pay off old vet bill of 175.00). -Katie Kat. 
Gordo has gone from this gorgeous boy with gold eyes to skinny as a rail... Something badly wrong. Silvia took him to vet yesterday for blood tests (Checking liver, thyroid, kidneys, pancreas. Thank goodness there was credit in her account) - but lab results were sent out and not done in house. No results yet and her vet closes early. Her vet did not give him anything to help his fluid intake yesterday and he is hardly keeping anything down. My vet is open until four today. I hope we can get him in for fluids while waiting for results. I have some Care Credit to cover at my vets (Hers doesn't take Care Credit) Up to Silvia and she is worried about rent for next week. Still trying to get money to pay back motel owner for previous vet bills. She is going out to sell a camera that she got from someone who owed her money to pay for rent next week. (She applied to work for election board and will apply for work cleaning RVs which she has done before) Gordo is eating a little and drinking, but throwing up after thirty minutes.  I don't understand why her vet only did tests and nothing to help keep his organs functioning.  I am very scared...  

Art tribute to Gordo from May 14, 2016

Other things happening will update later too:  Pearl should be going on a play date tomorrow with a possible forever home. Her spay is scheduled for Tuesday.

Nana's cat Bibi still needs to have a checkup to find out why she keeps messing with her ears and her mouth seems to be bothering her.
Possibly a tooth. Been trying to get Bibi in to see a vet, she is 15 years old and loves to hide right at the last minute. Had given our vet a heads up about trying to get her in today, but may have to bring in Gordo instead.

-Purrz and Prayers for Gordo, Pearl and Bibi
Katie Kat The Mom Lady,
Katiez Furry Mewz.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thankful Fur Rescued Kitties and Purrz Please

Hiya.... Katie Kitty Too Here with Thankful Thursday stuffs

We are furry thankful today for purrific things like rescue kitties finding furever homes.  Last Sunday was National Feral Cat Day and Katie Mom tries to helps kitties in needs alla times.

Little Danny was at Auntie Silvia's motel running around in the parking lot... him gotted captured back in August... He gotted to stay at a foster home while him growed.  Now him gotted furry big and a mew Mommy. 


Him loves his mew mommy. Just looks at that smile...

Danny's older brother Swirly still at the motel parking lot and needs to be rescued, along with Racoon and half sibling Siamese kitten. They come eat together, but been noisy at motel and they not coming... Katie gotted a trap fur Siamese baby. Swirly and Raccoon can be picked up and put in carriers... Auntie Silvia and Mom have found someone to take them. Please pray they are captured furry soon.

More things to be thankful fur - Katie Mom and Auntie Silvie gotted doctor stuffs yesterday. if you would likes more info fur purrz and thanks, please writes laugh_safely at yahoo dots com cause dats purrsonal mol...

YET WE HAS PURRZ NEEDED ASAP -- Gordo and Guero had to go to vets and ER lately and Auntie Silvia had to
Guero feeling betters thank you fur purrz...
borrow from Motel owner 175.00 - so far we only gotted 50.00 to pay hims back. Silvia will be able to pay rent
next week and her phone this week by selling camera, but motel owner wants 125.00 owed or won't take rent money....
Gordo still needs purrz plz

Katie Mom and Auntie Silvia am going to apply to work election voting cause they am going to pay workers really goods... please pray they get picked to works cause they need bilingual workers. Mom speaks Spanish too.

Well Mr. linky am down so fur  now... we just post that there am supposed to be a blog hopping bunny around here sum wheres mol!!

Here am the link to Thankul Thursday at Pepsi Smart Dog

Katie Ann Kitty Too
Jr Repurrter,
Katiez Furry Mewz

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Turtle Crossing and Purrs fur Today.

Me am waiting fur the turtles to go by so The Mom can finish painting the porch...I can enjoy a nice day.  Right now all the scrapping am done and then Mom and Uncle Mike put on the primer.

Me loves the Porch cause I gets fresh air and watch birdies.  Ellie May and Molly loves porch too - although I don't likes them - they chase me.
(mom note: Angel and Molly plus Daughter Ellie May take turns being outside their rooms, because they fight...Right now, Molly and Ellie May are hanging out. Angel's turn is this afternoon.)

We gets to check out the porch fur a little bit but them turtles sure am taking a long time to gets out of the way so Mom and Uncle Mike can finish.  Something about Turtles has the greenie papers that am needed to buy the primer.  The paint am been bought and it am a pretty blue. 

The Mom hads a friend helping paint and he puts dat color on the edge. Furry nice.

Well me tells you dats Mom and Auntie Silvia need purrs today. They are both going to clinic. Auntie Silvia am having a well woman check and Mom am gotted hurties in her kidneys and bladder. Her needs antibiographies... hmm. that's not right... Aunty Biotics wants to helps Mom and she has to ask the human doctor where Aunty Biotics lives. I'm confused, but that's okay. I  just want the turtles to go home so I can enjoy my porch.

Please purr fur Gordo too, him still not feeling well and Aunty Silvia needs to pay motel owner for helping him go to Vets... He am looking too thin and Mom and Silvia am worried what am wrong... <3

Purrz, Angel the Fetch Kitty

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Silvias Kitties Selfies After Supper

UPDATE: Please Pray for Silvia and Gordo. He is still having bladder issues. He tried to go last night and threw up from straining. He gagged and got himself choked. Silvia had to take him to the ER and borrowed more money from motel owner. She now owes him 180 from taking Gordo to the vets. Silvia has her doctors appointment tomorrow -please keep her in prayer. The clinic she is going to is wonderful and hard to get in. Pray that all goes well and we make it there.  She is still applying for permanent work. Looking into applying to work election day, which can help pay for one week's rent. Purrz from Katie Kat.

Last night, Silvia's kitties had Sheba Roasted Chicken and Liver for Supper - the new perfect portion size...  (and no we nots gets dats fur free)  Here am our after yummy good night selfies...

After his yummies, Gordo says Good nite.   
Mama on Left, Ronnie on Right

Mama Narcisca and Ronnie after theirs. Goodnite. 

Natasha finished hers.

 Dont mess with me. G'nite.

Guero gets a scritchin' before sacking out...

He would rather be in cool spot... Good night.

  =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= 

Silvia is applying to work at a local Flea Market... Please pray for more job opportuinites. Her Doctor's visit is this Wednesday for well woman check at Guadalupe Clinic. Thank you all so much for helping her stay at the motel and keep her appointment. 


Molly, Siamese Kitten's Mama
There is a Siamese Kitten coming to eat at Silvia's Motel - Please pray we can borrow a trap get this baby out of here... Her Mama is hard to catch, but needs trapped as well. Keep saving her kids and can't get her.

Also Swirly, a really sweet abandoned kitty that comes to the motel needs a forever home. Please pray for him, he keeps coming across a busy street and his eyes were runny earlier this week. I need to find someone to take him in. I have no room...


Katie and the Katz

  (Please purr fur mom, her am maybe gots UTI - and slept all morning so weze doing bloggin in afternoons today....
-Katie Kitty Too, Sr. KFM Repurrter)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pearl Am Sleepy cutie.. Rainy Weather

Pearl in her mew collar... Foster Mommy am taking Pearl to vets this afternoon fur checkups (along with Pearl's friends Blake, Hazel and two dogs) and her getting shots too.

Foster Mommy has not hads sleepies last night so we gets more updates later likes cute videos and stuffs.

Pearl does fantastic with small dogs and loves having a friend to play with... Help us purr fur her furr-ever home furry soon.

Til then - Pearl show you her sleepy pose.
Rainy weather - good day fur sleepies.

Also, Katie Mom and Nana am taking Bibi to get vet checkup this afternoon too.  Bibi am Nana's kitty. Her am 15 years old and her ears am been bothering her.  We lets you know about her vet visit...

-- Purrz from Katie Mom, Pearl and Bibi

Thank you fur helping Silvia and us kitties and please purr for her phone, it went swimming yesterday...fell into gutter.
Gordo hanging out.
We am doing betters, I am taking pain meds for my  bladder to feels good. Mama Cat Narcisca am eating again and Silly Ronnie feeling much better too. We all gots checkups... thank you fur your purrs.

-Gordo, aka Tiger...


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Sunday, October 09, 2016

The Scoop On Ronnie scared Mom yesterday

Hiya, this am Ronnie with my Sunnyday Selfies. I lives with Silvia. I am a furry sweet boy, but I don't think before doing stuffs, I just do stuffs, especially if it smell goods, like food wrappers. Or if I cans runs outsides and find stuffs to chew on likes twigs and bugs. Well I gave efurry buddies a big scare yesterday. 

While Mom was gone to the laundries around the corner, I gotted into mischief. I ates the wrapper from a subway sandwich and nobody knew dat. Then Mom's friend wasn't looking when him opened the door to motel room and I ranned outside while he puts water and antifreeze in Mom's car. Him didn't pay no attention and spilled watery stuff on the ground too.

I gotted confused and ran under the car. Mom came home and saw me standing in water puddle and licking my paw and then spit out the yucky water. oh was her scared. She gots me out from under the car, ran into the motel room and cleaned my paws.  I been throwing ups and acting dizzy. Mom tooks me to ER, but they wouldn't do nothing fur me - too much money.

Mom came home and fussed over me, and I just wanted to sleep... Auntie Katie came over and we wents back to ER, they tooks my vitals and they was fines and vet heard how I licked my paw and spit out the yucky stuffs and mom cleaned me ups real fast. Vet lady said I not has symptoms for Antifreeze poisoning, but didn't know why I wasn't eating. I acted as normal as I coulds cause wanted to go home. The Vet was nice and didn't charge, just said looks for more symptoms what I might have gotten into.

When Mom tooks me home, I threw up again and wanted to sleeps. My temp was 104. Mom found a chewed up hole in bread bag on shelf and thought I eaten plastic with bread, hoped I would throw up the plastic or just pass through. 

Auntie Katie and Mom decided if I didn't feel likes eating by morning, back to the ER I go... geez... can't you guyz just let a boy sleep off his funs???  But Mom didn't know what I had eaten... Well her gots tired and slept awhile and me did too. 

In the middle of night I got the hungries and woke Mom ups to eats! Oh Mom was so happy!  Her found Subway Sandwich wrapper I chewed up. Dat wasn't mom's - her puts wrappers in trash cause her knows me chew stuffs up... a human who shall remain nameless cause Auntie Katie and Mom am really mads at him - yelling at Mom and being mean to us kitties lately. We hides under bed when him yells.

Mom may takes me to Doctor Vet tomorrow to make sure i iz okay... Thanks fur all your purrs and loves for us kitties and Mom Silvia.

-Purrz from Ronnie the paper eater...

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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Bear Loves Boxes And Good Mewz Fur Purrz Plz

Hiya folks, Benjamin Lil Bear here today fur Arts and Updates.
We didn't blogs this week yet cause us cats were doing boring stuffs like eating and sleeping... well except me. I found a furry interesting box to fit into and gets calm in... den I gotted out and wanted loves. 

The Mom am thankful thats sumkitty used Dream Scope fur their arts recently cause Mom forgotted how to find them bootiful art filters!

Mom helped me make bootiful arts... Here am one with curlies in it... I look artsy yes?
Mom likes this one with all the pretty blues... Being a black kitty, all dats blue shows my handsomeness.

Which one you likes bestest?

Oh and please sends chickens with your comments. The magic box (Fridge) gots not-chicken today. Please tell Mom you am sending socks. Me learned dats from another kitty blogger... mol. Me forgotted who... does you know?

Up next am updates fur purrz and prayers and stuffs...

-Benjamin Lil Bear.

Swirly Kitty
This sweet kitty is coming to Silvia's motel at night, wanting to eat. We are hoping to find a rescue to take him. He looks and acts so much like my sweet Doobie.

Gordo is doing better finally, please keep him in your purrs about his urinary stress.   

We have some good news fur Silvia and news for prayer too.  Silvia will be getting computer testing at a much better staffing agency then the one who has been sending her to do collating for pennies an hour.

Also, Silvia has a very important doctor's appointment at Guadalupe Clinic in two weeks. This will be her first appointment there and she can't afford to miss it. Will be for a well woman check up, high blood pressure checkup and getting her medications and for chronic sinus infection. I use Guadalupe and they are one of the best charity clinics - in Wichita. Hard to get in as a new patient. If she misses this appointment, they may not give her another one. Until we can find a better place to live, very important that she has help to pay her motel rent for the next two weeks - 300.00.  
Ronnie and Silvia

Please pray and consider sending even a small amount.  Just like Marjorie commented from Dash Kitten, many people would have given up by now, but Silvia keeps trying. I have faith that something good is about to happen furry soon.  


 Love and Purrz,
Katie and the Katz.